Calamity Jennye

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Warning, Warning

Today's post:
A short and sweet diatribe on the pitfalls of not properly updating your netflix queue...

The results of a not properly maintained queue could be potentially worse than The Bounty Hunter.
If you've read this blog long you understand the importance of The Bounty Hunter as the yard stick by which all "video" experiences are measured.

Last Saturday, after inviting Esme and I over for dinner and a sleepover, which by definition includes a good adult film (NO...not that kind of adult film). My friends discovered they had - dun, dun, dun...neglected their netflix account.

The result? (you may ask, with much trepidation...and if you didn't have the trepidation the first time add it and ask again)
The result was 16 episodes of MacGyver. Yes you read that correctly, 16.
Now, it's not that I'm MacGyver averse it's just 16 episodes is a lot of MacGyver...I mean just think of all the duct tape alone.

Then the only one of the three of us that actually wanted to watch MacGyver fell asleep halfway through the first episode.

So let this be a warning to you my friends...
Netflix neglect may be a road paved with fun, bunnies, and good intentions but it will lead you to no good end!


  1. Oy! That's a lot of MacGyver. Better than MacGruber, but still...

    My biggest Netflix neglect is sending back my movies. Then, inevitably, I'm left wondering "why haven't I gotten anything from Netflix lately"

  2. Oh, thanks for the belly laugh!! I am negligent in sending back my discs, but I do keep up with my instant queue (which is how I watch most of my TV). I will *not* be adding MacGyver to it, though!! =)