Calamity Jennye

Monday, May 18, 2009

a beginning or an end

Obviously this blog is more for me than for anyone else.
None of my friends know I'm writing this, none of my family is aware.
I'm here to document one thing...I'm not sure what one thing it will be yet but we will all find out together.
So far I'm thinking there are two options.
This will either be the ending of my marriage, or a great story about how we figured it all out, came together and saved ourselves.
Either way I think we will have saved ourselves, I'm just not sure which way would be better.
We've been married for six years. We have a nearly two year old daughter.
This year we both forgot our anniversary. We've spent one night in the last nearly two years where out daughter was not sleeping in our bed.
All of this would probably be okay on it's own.
But that's not a marriage that's never all is it?
My husband is an introvert, I am an extrovert.
He recently started a new, rather high profile and highly demanding job.
I recently left my highly demanding job to (sort of) stay home and raise our daughter.
At the same time we moved to a new city...lots of change...lots of exhaustion...lots of uncertainty.

And so here we are.
Me begging for partnership and communication.
Him begging for peace and a little alone time.
And ne'er the twain shall meet?

We both want to figure it out...that's the good news.
Stay tuned, we'll find out together if we will!