Calamity Jennye

Monday, May 23, 2011

Outfit of the Day

I feel this outfit requires a warning as it may startle some of you even more than it startles me.
Please be advised I do not choose my child's clothing. She chooses what she wants to wear every morning. She owns at least 20 pair of pants if you count the leggings and she refuses to wear them, systematically. The last time we went shopping she picked everything we bought, tried them all on and decided what we would actually buy. The kid may be three but these shopping genes run deep. Anyway...her Babka felt she needed more appropriate play clothes for their activities at her house so she ran into the second hand store and bought these fully expecting Esme would flip out at the sight of them...instead she loves them:

An outfit only a Babka (and maybe an Esme as it turns out) could love


  1. My oh my, she's actually wearing pants! Maybe I should send you the ones I haven't had time to bring back yet?