Calamity Jennye

Thursday, May 19, 2011

A mutt named Julian

I'm dog-sitting again while the families that I live with are out of town. I stay at the house with cable (because that's how I am) and today when I let the dogs out they both disappeared.
They do this quite frequently there's a path through the woods that connect their two houses and the dogs frequently visit back and forth requiring quite a few "can you send buster/brandy back home when they're done playing" conversations.
Well today I called and called and neither dog came home. I went back out and called, and called, and called again. Finally Buster came home but no Brandy. I was getting ready to leave the house and decided it was finally time for a little hike. Buster and I headed out on the path calling out for Brandy the whole way (well I was calling, Buster was mostly racing ahead, racing back, sniffing and peeing).
We got to Brandy's house, still calling out her name and as I came around the corner of the house from the woods I could finally see her sitting there, at the bottom of the driveway staring up the road waiting patiently for her family to come home.
Immediately I thought of all the ways I fell like Brandy. Sitting patiently, waiting for my life to come back to me.

I called one more time and Brandy came running as if, well, maybe it was me she was waiting for all along. How great to be a loved and trusting dog. She knows me, I'm not as good as her family, but I'm a person. I'll take care of her, pet her, and occasionally leave things she shouldn't eat laying around. What more can any dog ask for?

There are so many ways that I feel exactly like a dog....and then so many ways that I want to be more like one. The trust, the adaptability, the putting myself out there and not needing much in return. here's an easy question to get people to join in the conversation...
If you could be an animal what would you be? Or better yet what would your name be?


  1. Manitee. For sure. Chubby, just chilling in the warm Florida waters. That's the life.

  2. Giraffe - soaking up the Serengeti sun.

  3. A cat, because then I could sleep all the time. And you know how much I love sleeping!

  4. I am so torn between Susannah's answer and Auntie Anna's. Whatever animal I'm going to be, if I et to choose, it needs to have some major down time! ME