Calamity Jennye

Sunday, June 26, 2011

some pictures

Esme's second choice of gardening attire.
When the long sleeves get too hot, go for the tube top, that's what I always say!

The Watering All Star Pose

Our little part of the garden
(there were a lot of weeds!)
The Bigger Picture

The beautiful view of our front door

And just for fun....the eggs I made for dinner using...
Yes, that is a laddle.
I figure this is going to be the next installment in How to  Cook Everything Books
How to Cook Everything (With a laddle)!


  1. Jennye,

    The place looks cute!

    Also, does the last photo mean that one of the three things you might want to invest in for the kitchen is a spatula? ME

  2. Love your place and your garden!

  3. I figured I'd save some money and instead make my millions publishing the first cookbook with all ladle recipes!