Calamity Jennye

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

I'm not sure you can understand how funny this was in my head...I swear it was.

One of the things that was the biggest adjustment in moving to a town this small was the banking.
People write checks for everything and...(get this) you can walk into the bank, up to a teller, and say "hi I'm Jennye Ashcroft and I'd like to withdraw $100 from my account."
(Now mind you I had just moved here and these people really did not know me from Adam. I had never met them.)
They would just hand me the money, no questions asked, no id required...weirdest thing ever!!

So back when "his best friend" was actually my best friend she was here visiting us.
I was still adjusting to this banking phenomenon and as we walked into the bank one day I said "watch this!"
She too was shocked and we spent the rest of the visit laughing about it, how really she could just walk in, say my name and take all my money!

It just occurred to me today what happened after that visit. I think she thought everything in Grand Marais worked that way. It's a small town, midwesterners are friendly, we seem like we would be happy to share.

I think this time she got confused, walked into my house, said "Hi I'm Jennye Ashcroft, I'd like to withdraw one husband please."

Damn obliging midwesterners...she's walking away with more than just my money.

 See...I had to go and make it all sad...I couldn't just end with the funny.
That's the day I'm waiting for. The day I can look at this all and end with the funny.

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  1. your real problem is the "deposits" he is making.