Calamity Jennye

Thursday, March 3, 2011

There's a reason I own a book called How to Cook Everything

Honestly Ms. know we're not all happy housewives out here and I am appalled that you are not even able to give me some idea how long I should plan to run on the elliptical while waiting for my sweet potato to bake.

Have I mentioned that I hate daddy days? Not that my three year old knows how long to bake a potato but she can make a damn good loaf of bread so honestly...maybe she should be cooking me dinner.

Anyway, thank goodness for the online. I'll happily eat my potato cooked at 450 degrees in 20-30 min.


  1. put the potato in the oven as soon as I turned it on to 450. Ran on the elliptical for one episode of Glee...took the potato out and ate my perfect meal!!

  2. could of done it in aaaaa'half the amount of time' micro 5mn and delicious....Just look at all that extra time,for the elliptical!!!