Calamity Jennye

Saturday, March 12, 2011

It's freezing, it's freezing, I hope I don't start sneezing

I would hate to get a reputation for this sort of thing but I have to express what I'm honestly feeling.
Today we have to break up.
We had a great run.
Sure when it was fresh and new everything was beautiful and wonderful.
I love the way you transformed my world like nothing else ever had...
But really, I've never known someone who couldn't take a hint.
I've ignored you for weeks now, I've started going outside without a hat and mittens, and one day even without a coat in blatant defiance of your perseverance.
I've avoided shoveling for days hoping you would get the hint and stop coming around.

LOOK -- Just because I finally get the shovel out, that is not an invitation to come over and play!
The cursing I do as I struggle to move you off my porch...that's not cute, and I'm not trying to start a conversation.

I'm sorry snow, but it's over between us. I'm angry...A-N-G-R-Y.
Please take a hint already and just move on.
You know, maybe if you could give me 8 months or so we could try to be friends again. Start slow, see if we could talk it out...hang out every now and then.
I'm just gonna need time, and some that too much to ask?

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