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Monday, July 11, 2011

With winners like these who needs losers?

I can’t believe I forgot to share one of the funniest things from the whole Friday debacle…
I’ve been getting these funny little alerts on my phone lately, I must have inadvertently downloaded some mutant spawn program and occasionally these little red stars appear, up in my notification bar.

“Your droid has been chosen for a $1,000 gift certificate”, “Your phone is too slow, click here to fix the problem”, “Meet other singles in your area…we’ll help you get started” That one I figure is just proof of how bad the cell reception is up here. If my phone thinks it can help me find a man it clearly has not been to “my area” (I don’t mean that to sound naughty, I really mean my area as in the area where I live).

Anyway, Friday had to take the cake. I just got off the phone with my insurance company where I had recounted for the umpteenth time the version of events as I best remembered them. As I went to hang up my phone I noticed one of the red stars had appeared. I dragged the bar down to see what my phone’s little mutant had to contribute to the day’s events…

“You Are Today’s Winner!”

My laughter could be heard in the next county…perhaps my phone could help me meet singles in my area after all, we'll just expand the area!

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  1. Just thought I'd share that I laughed out loud at your clarification of your "area"! -ME