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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A very noble pursuit (on more than one level)

Me: Esme, what do you want to be When you grow up?

Esme: A, a doctor!

Me: A doctor? really???

Esme: Yeah, a doctor....a doctor who also makes gowns

Me: Gowns?

Esme: Yeah gowns, for girls. And boys. You know, gowns with pants.

Me: Huh, gowns with pants...sounds creative.  So what kind of doctor would you be?

Esme: The kind that fixes people, when they don't feel good, or their leg falls off, or they stop too fast on the swing and their feet break off. I will put them back on.
(apparently it's a very rough daycare we send her to)

Me: So you want to fix people who are broken?

Esme: Yes. I want to put them back together when they break apart.
and then give them a gown.

Esme knows this story is about her and she would like to say hi:
2afd3rewfrjkgjitkjvtjlod.gejuorthuidfhjugfkhf     esme
(see, already she writes like a doctor, totally illegibly :)  )

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  1. Love it and her wonderful vision. She's not limiting herself, that's for sure!