Calamity Jennye

Friday, April 15, 2011

Just don't pick door #3 (that one's a real doozy)

I'm off for one more visit to Philadelphia before we head back to the midwest.
I've decided we should head back before Easter. I've got a new job, and apparently a divorce to get started on.
I feel like there has been something helpful in taking this time to alternately submerse myself in my misery and then find ways to completely forget there is anything to be miserable about.

I definitely don't have any more answers than I did when I came out here (good thing I didn't come here looking for answers) hell, I didn't even come here knowing I should be asking more questions. Learned a good lesson there.

But, better than taking home answers, I'm taking home...a new car! (see if you get the voice over just right it makes me feel like I've been on a game show!) and really, I do have the new car, so bonus for me.

I am excited to make one last attempt at enjoying my time solo in one of my favorite cities (you can add that to the list of things I never thought I'd say, Philly as a favorite city. I guess at this rate it would be right behind my husband had an affair with one of my closest friends, so never say never right?). Here's to hoping I avoid lonesome texting on this round.

I'll be sure to fill you in on how the afternoon went but, in the meantime. What are your favorite ways to spend an hour or two alone?


  1. Snacking while shopping, but of course you already knew that.

  2. Ever since I got my nook, it has been reading. I had almost given up on leisure reading because of my workload for school, but having the nook lets me download a book that I've been wanting to read in the instant that I find myself with free time.

  3. People watching. The things you hear from other people while they are shopping, drinking, eating . . . makes it fun to wonder or make up how the rest of their lives play out . . . and make you feel better about your own :)