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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action

Well, it's movie weekend, it would have been a pity to ruin my long running streak of seeing none of the movies nominated for acadamy awards. So when a friend suggested we watch Miss Potter I hesitantly agreed
A. to prove I am capable of watching something other than Gilmore Girls even when it is a suggested option.
B. because we were at her house, it was her netflix seemed like the right thing to do.
C. mostly because this particular friend and I have one movie mantra: "It can't be worse than the Bounty Hunter"
 (except that one movie with what's her name from SNL and all the dogs and it was supposed to have this major ":redemption" near the end, they actually used the word redemption on the box, but there was no redemption and we kept waiting and it kept getting worse and worse....THAT is the only movie worse than Bounty Hunter)

I am however here to report that we both really enjoyed Miss Potter. Renee Zelweger did a great job portraying the author and I was amazed to learn the story of her life. I've never been a huge fan of Beatrix Potter books (I know, I know you can stone me later) The stories are fine and the pictures are beautiful but they just aren't anything that's ever grabbed me.
I have to say though after seeing this movie I may begin reading more of the stories to my little monkey. There were several parts of the movie where we couldn't decide if Beatrix was slightly crazy and thankfully had her art as an outlet or if she was just slightly crazy.
In any case she was a woman ahead of her time and her perseverance, vision and commitment to the things she cared about were inspiring.
I would highly recommend the movie if you haven't seen it. It would even be a good one for older kids if you have a budding artist at home. There were some great scenes about how she created the stories and showing her painting and interacting with her characters (hence the crazy...but still good).

We did watch a few minutes of the Acadamy Awards tonight (had to see the dresses) and my monkey took one look at Anne Hathaway and said "Mama I want to be that lady...she has long AND curly hair".  I told her I was in, I'll do whatever I can to help her become that lady and as soon as she got that famous she could just support me and all would be well.  I'll keep you posted!

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