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Friday, February 25, 2011

Handling Lots of Things

I had a mama night tonight. That's what my daughter calls it when she spends the night with me.
There are Mama, Daddy, Babka or Daycare Days. And now there are Mama or Daddy nights.
For better or for worse neither my husband nor I have officially discussed (that I know of) the current changes with our daughter. I find it sort of surprising that she hasn't yet wondered why there are no more mama AND daddy nights...I guess it's early days yet.

Anyway, I don't like the Daddy nights. Don't get me wrong there are some wonderful aspects to having some evenings to myself. I was a single mom all summer and every now and then I REALLY wanted an evening to myself, but only because I knew I was unlikely to get it I think. Now it just feels wrong. I didn't sign up to be a part time mom. I think being a mom is an all or nothing thing, all or nothing in that you're a mom all the time (like right now when my daughter is lying in bed sobbing I want mommy time) or you don't become a mom. that part time mom thing, I guess it means when it's your time you're even more on. I went and had a little more mama time, we cuddled, I "itched the skin on her back", I even went to make sure that the "magic toilet" hadn't closed the lid by itself. (Don't ask me, it's not a magic toilet and the lid was still up...)

So where was I, I'm a mom and I really don't mind her being with her dad. I just want her to be with me...I guess they call that jealousy huh? I think that may be about the only thing I've had resentment over so far. That he took away my family, you know my ability to have a family unit that all lives under one roof and enjoys being with each other.
Realistically he took that away a long time ago for all intents and purposes, we were just really good at pretending every now and then.

That wasn't really so much fun either.

The best part of my day today (the best part of any day really) was when monkey (that's what we've always called my daughter) and I were walking to the car from the pool. I had the swimsuits, towels, my mittens, my purse and her noodle. She looks at me and says "Mom you are so good at handling lots of things" don't even know.

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