Calamity Jennye

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A little lake wobegon

There are times when this town makes me think of Stars Hollow.... times when it makes me think of Lake Wobegon and times when it is just a town unto itself.
Every week the newspaper publishes the 911 calls for the week. "The Cook County Law Enforcement Briefs" to be exact.
It is quite possibly my favorite part of every week (and it's most definitely the best part of the paper).
I've been meaning to start featuring my favorite call every week... This one is finally to good to resist any longer!

Saturday, Feb. 4

11:56 a.m., Lutsen: A woman hiking the Superior Hiking Trail from Lutsen Mountain said she was lost on the snowmobile trail and asked for directions back to the hiking trail. She was told to follow her tracks back to the hiking trail.

Makes me laugh every time I read it!  Thank God Cook Counties finest are always ready to rush to our aid with such sage advice: follow your tracks back out...


  1. My favorites were last summer during Fishermen's Picnic when half the entries began with "Deputies summoned to Bouncy House..."

  2. Did you read the Conservation report in this weekends paper. Its a hoot!!!