Calamity Jennye

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Game Changer

I've mentioned before that I live in a very small town. One where everyone is aware of the business of everyone else. It doesn't matter if I've met them... somehow or another they know. And usually given my last year, they know a lot!

I recently started going to physical therapy for the vertigo I continue to experience. I had not met the therapist more than once in passing prior to my first appointment but as soon as I told her my whole name and mentioned that I was no longer with the person whose last name matched mine, that she so enjoyed seeing at his place of employment. She suddenly pieced together a great deal of my story.

It has become clear, through just three sessions that this is a woman with strong feelings about things and among the ENFP's, and ISTJ's of the world she is a "J" if you know what I mean.

Tonight as I was getting ready to leave my physical therapy appointment she looked over at me. Tilted her head a bit and said:
"You are so beautiful and have such a good heart. I can't believe that there's not someone great out there waiting for you."

I could feel the red rise on my cheeks for the second time this evening and as I fought to keep myself upright on my chair I realized I was actually sitting a bit straighter.  In that moment I felt not just beautiful, I actually felt a bit radiant, just for a second.

I'm not trying to be modest or seek affirmation. I'm just being honest in saying "beautiful" is not a word I have ever associated consistently with myself. Like anyone I know I have had moments of beauty in my life, moments when I worked hard, paid attention, spent the extra time and felt beautiful.

But to think that someone who barely knows me could call me beautiful, so casually, really stirred something in me. As I tried to recall the last time someone had called me beautiful, and realized I can't. I was also flooded with all the ways throughout my life that people have made sure I know I'm not beautiful. Almost every single one of those moments really stick with me.

This same woman encouraged me to use a little daily affirmation every morning, or throughout the day, just whenever:
"May today be more magnificent than I could ever imagine."

And you know, because of her, just for a few moments, today was!


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  2. Love this. Powerful words of truth about a truly beautiful person.