Calamity Jennye

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Outfit of the Day

Esme's Babka took her on her first camping trip last night. We took a great picture of her in the tent in this beautiful sleeping bag that her Babka made for her, but somehow because we were out of range of my phone or something, the picture did not save. So we had to recreate the scene here in our living room.
Esme had a marvelous time camping. I drove an hour through a hail storm after work yesterday to meet them at their campsite, where miraculously they had had no storm at all. We ate dinner, roasted marshmallows, went for a quick paddle this morning and left early enough for me to be at work by nine.
Do I love my kid or what? Camping and two extra hours of driving...hold your applause, please hold your applause!
And Esme...believe me, I'll be redeeming these points some day!

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