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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year... Happy New Normal

Well, I like to give us all reasons to keep celebrating any holiday so here I am finally getting around to recognizing the new year, only ten days late!

Being away for Christmas was just what the doctor ordered for Esme and me!. We had a marvelous time in Arizona. We did tons of sleeping in, hanging out, shopping, swimming, watching television, did I mention Disneyland?  Boy were we spoiled!
Christmas Day was expectedly a bit hard but, surprisingly not at all for the reasons I would have expected. It's always those unexpected things that really jump out and get you. All in all it was definitely the best vacation we could have imagined.
And most wonderfully it wasn't even that hard to come home. Sipping a margarita outside in the 75 degree weather with the sun shining on me was admittedly not the very smartest move on the way to the airport, but even that wasn't enough to make me long to stay. Just enough to get me wishing I could...a little bit :)

Of course coming home was just the wake up call I could have expected. Plane re-routed to Fargo, Nearly hitting a deer in the middle of the highway just after midnight on New Years Eve, then at the end of last week the crazy started up all over again, with the return of my husband's GF after only four days with her family and another friend coming to me to confess she also slept with my husband.

You know...all I can say is that the ludicrous doesn't seem nearly so crazy anymore. It's like when you come to realize a "new normal". This is it. I can no longer assume that it's all over. I can no longer convince myself that "surely this is as weird as it can get. There's no way there can be more".
Maybe if I just assume there will always be more, I will no longer be so stunned.

Like any story there is obviously a lot more behind the scenes of these events. A lot more that I'm not sure I have the capacity to discuss. There is good and there is not so good coming out of all these events.

In this New Year I remain immensely blessed to have such amazing friends and family, such a strong support system. I feel intensely grateful for the little bit of truth and honesty that just wandered into my life. I am daily thrilled by the presence of my amazing Esme. And I'm the new normal.

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  1. Jennye, I'm proud of you. It would be all I could do to not get right back in my car and head back to Arizona...or anywhere that was not right there. I know that Grand Marais has become home in a number of great ways, but whoa I would need another vacation!

    For better or worse, I have an understanding of the feeling that the ludicrous doesn't seem crazy anymore. I'll email soon. M.E.