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Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Esme Top Ten

My S-I-L is having a baby and my M-I-L asked me for "words of wisdom" to take to her shower:
so here's my top ten:

Susannah Don't read this if you want to be surprised at your shower!

1) Always talk in full sentences (if you want a talker), just tell them what you're doing as you move through your day, talk away, engage them. Always.

2) Don't ever let them fall down a flight of stairs, it's the worst feeling ever, but if it happens always remember, YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

3) You don't have to have a "scheduled baby" unless you want one.

4) Breast feeding lying down is the best thing no one ever tells you about.

5) Your boob is portable...every other night time routine, not so much. Bedtime is always a trade-off, it will always suck... Your boob is portable.

6) Bedtime will always suck.
(if it doesn't you may not want to have child #2)

7) "Sleep when the baby sleeps" is ridiculous. Sleep when someone else is there to take care of the kid when it wakes up in the middle of your sleeping. some laundry
(sad to say you'll thank me for this huh?)

8) The squirt bottle of water they send you home from the hospital's like crack. Crack bottle.

9) Even if you hate your voice, sing to your kid. Hearing them sing is so worth it.

10) Do what feels right. You'll know what right is for you. Ask around, get advice, use what you like. You'll know what's right immediately. That's the best thing about a baby, all the feeling.

Do what feels right!

It's Esme's Birthday more to come on babies!

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